A long month

Wow, how time flies. I continued to work on several fronts throughout the month but didn't have much to share. I completed a number of Pull Requests into Total Replay to provide game help which ensured that I completed Hacktoberfest, but as I went I tried a few different methods of keeping my local repository updated with changes from 4am's upstream master. This helped improve my understanding of the mechanics of Github - Github desktop and I would like to be able to say that I have a solid process to follow that I can now document for others - but I'm still not sure if there may be a better way. I guess I can document what I do and take feedback from those that may follow. With the end of the month looming on the calendar, I reviewed my goals and accepted that I was probably unable to meet them within the timeframe left. But I took a shot at converting my rough notes on an activity flowchart into an actual interactive flow chart to see what it may look like. The result all

A long week

Day 5 Revisited the cover art and game help lists to confirm they have latest titles Day 6 Created Info tab on the Games without Cover Art sheet Day 7 Wrestled with GitHub PR & branch. I don't really understand how to use GitHub desktop to keep my local repository synchronised with an upstream repository in a way that keeps the synchronisations from appearing in my commit lists for PR requests. I feel like I'm doing something incorrectly. I've found three different ways to update my local repo but my Game help PRs have 1 file and an increasing number of commits. If anyone has experience in this and can explain it, I would appreciate it. If I can't work it out - how are the untrained masses going to follow my documentation? Day 8 Submitted PR#3: Game help for Raster Blaster - a classic pinball game. This uses the paddle buttons for the flippers which are also triggered by the open and closed apple keys on the Apple //e keyboard. Frustratingly, closed apple which appe

A long weekend!

Day 3 I took a break from RetroChallenge and started my #Hacktoberfest activities by creating a game help page for Crazy Mazey - which just happens to be the first game I ever owned. PR #1 done and merged. I reviewed the Poll results and was shocked to see that 1/3 of responders had not heard of Total Replay. Not as surprising was that 1/2 of responders did not know that Total Replay needed help. This is my target audience! Day 4 I continued my #Hacktoberfest activities by contributing a game help page for Crime Wave. PR #2 done and awaiting merge. As part of #Hacktoberfest, I get to contribute to the Total Replay project and consume my own dog food by testing the documentation I have created. So this really is relevant to RetroChallenge. The list of games that need game help had not been updated for a long time, so today I updated it for the list of new games that have been added to Total Replay and corrected any filenames that had been changed. I created a new Info tab and archived

Let's get started

Day 1 I captured some initial ideas about a flow chart that will hopefully lead potential contributors to what they could contribute to. I tried to submit a poll to Facebook, but perhaps did not press 'done' to actually publish it as it did not show up. Day 2 To measure the baseline of awareness in the target community I posted a poll to the Apple II Enthusiasts group on Facebook seeking feedback on what stops people contributing to the Total Replay project. I posted this to Twitter and mentioned it to attendees of the WOzFest 21 virtual event. I updated the missing Cover Art list to be up to date and cross checked with 4am and we discovered a minor issue with two filenames that had caused some confusion - these have now been corrected. I looked up how 4am could accept pull requests to be accepted as valid for #Hacktoberfest and provided this information to the Slack #TotalReplay channel.  I enquired abou

What is this all about anyway?

I've been hearing about the RetroChallenge for several years but this is the first time I am participating. My project for RetroChallenge is to encourage and solicit contributions from others to the Total Replay effort - a kind of recruitment drive. This is something I have already done in the past and will continue to do in future, but the RetroChallenge gives me a focus for putting in some effort into the endeavour now and is another way for others to see what is going on and hopefully be inspired to contribute. The Total Replay compendium of Apple II games is a marvel of retro-computing engineering that brings together the efforts of 4am and qkumba to showcase not only the games, but their box art, and graphics in an easy to use front end that has a fabulous attract mode, provides insight on how to play the game, and can enable cheats if desired. While 4am concentrates on cracking games and qkumba concentrates on porting the games to ProDOS, there are a few other pieces of the